On The Road

An Ode to our Favorite Crustacean Sandwich

In my youth I spent many a night down at the beach hurting my head for the following morning.  Groggy, bleary eyed, I knew salvation was right down the road at The Big Oak Drive in. Two shrimp burgers  and a large Pepsi later,  I was then prepared to meet whatever the waves were going to throw at me.   There is something so quintessentially Carolina about a shrimp burger. If you never had the opportunity to make it down to Salter Path and try one, I highly reccomend it, get there early, eat under the tree, and enjoy a Southern gem in all it’s finery.  If you can’t make it down, our friends at Big Oak will give you a heads up of what it takes to make a shrimp burger, but I promise you it will never taste as good as sitting on a picnic table under  the Carolina sun.  For a sandwich who’s sum is bigger than it’s parts you can’t go wrong with a Crystal Coast shrimp burger.


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