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Sloppy Seconds…or Fourths

Thanksgiving, the halftime show of the festive season. We cook enough food for an army whether there's an actual army or not. Few days later, left overs still abound, you may be looking for ways to zhuzh up that stuffing, potatoes and turkey. Go beyond sandwiches with your leftovers! Have you considered turning those leftovers… Continue reading Sloppy Seconds…or Fourths

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To some, the stuffing is the showstopper. They can take or leave the Turkey and the rest! Stuffing comes in all manner of styles, bread crumbs, corn bread, oyster, you name it. The CC favorite - Apple Sausage Stuffing! Ingredients 1 cup sausage (we prefer Smith's Red & White or Bass Farm)8 cups 1-inch cubes… Continue reading Stuffing

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Hassleback Potatoes

No Hassle potatoes? You may not want to try to Hassle the Hoff, but I promise you, you are going to want to try Hassleback potatoes. These are easy, tasty, and make a great presentation. This is a good one to keep in your pocket for any meal, not just special occasions.  I mean look… Continue reading Hassleback Potatoes


The Controversial Cranberry

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, planning is underway! A staple on most tables is cranberries. A small berry whose delivery is capable of dividing some households. Jelly straight from the can? Sauce born from whole berries simmered on the stove? There can be only one! Jelly Roll Ingredients 1 can of Cranberry Sauce (we… Continue reading The Controversial Cranberry

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Monkey Brains

Who doesn't love a little brain on Halloween morning?!  Make sure your little monsters start their day with some brain power... Materials Round oven safe bowl - medium in sizeCooking Spray (we used Pam)Oven Prep Work: Pre-heat oven to 350Cover inside of medium size bowl with cooking sprayCombine frosting into one bowlMix in Red Food… Continue reading Monkey Brains