Butter Bell

Who here hates waiting for butter to soften before you can smear it on some toast? Once upon a time in the South, your mother and your mother's mother would leave butter out in a covered butter dish, it rarely got refrigerated, but you probably went through butter a lot faster. After a couple of… Continue reading Butter Bell


New Year. New You?

So it's a bit into the new year. 2019!! Have you made some resolutions? Healthy eating? Healthy living? Quit confusing the bar and the gym? Be kinder? Decide whether to make resolutions? Well, we probably won't be helpful. Except if your resolution is to eat, drink, and wander around to find fun & yummy things… Continue reading New Year. New You?


President’s Day

Jump back to 1879. Rutherford B. Hayes signs into law an official federal holiday of remembrance for the George Washington. Now we have a delectable three day weekend thanks to President Hayes. Kennedy loved baked chicken, Carter liked corn bread, one of Clinton's favorites is chicken enchiladas, Obama loves chili, Teddy Roosevelt loved Turtle Soup.… Continue reading President’s Day


Tired of them talking? Shove this in their mouths

So, it's Thanksgiving week.  Time for family, friends, gathering around celebrating and giving thanks.  If your loved ones are staying with you, you might be a wee tired of the chatter.  If so...fix them something to quiet the storm. Savory kolache's may be the key to all of your sanity.  Could also be booze, but… Continue reading Tired of them talking? Shove this in their mouths



Live music, fireworks, crafts, food and fancy vintage cars.  That's what awaits you in Wilmington this weekend. Created in February 1979, by some local folks who wanted to show downtown Wilmington and the Cape Fear river, Riverfest has evolved into a cultural street festival attracting both locals and tourists.  The festival stretches from Historic Downtown… Continue reading Riverfest

On The Road

NC Poultry Jubilee

Chicken. Poultry.  Yard bird. Did you know, whatever you call it, it's one of the most used proteins in our kitchens and restaurants.  It is delicious! So delectable it is that has been celebrated in Rose Hill, NC (home to the world's largest frying pan!) for the past 5 years! This year's Jubilee kicks of… Continue reading NC Poultry Jubilee

On The Road

Barbeque Festival

I don't know if y'all know this, but BBQ is kinda a big deal down here.  Whether it's vinegar, ketchup, or mustard based, there are strong opinions, but when it comes to eatin',  you are hard pressed to beat Lexington style BBQ. Sweet, but tangy, usually just the butt, but you may find a whole… Continue reading Barbeque Festival

How To's, Recipes, Tools

No Power? No Problem.

It's not over for some of us.  Winds have died down, rains, however, persist.  If you don't have power and are hungry but can't stomach another bag of funyuns, not to worry!  Between rain bursts, grab the hero of Southern kitchen everywhere, the cast iron skillet and fire up your grill. Whether it's coal or… Continue reading No Power? No Problem.


What Else Are We Gonna Do?

When we were younger, hurricane season was a special, scary time of year.  Being Southerners, we fear threat of ice and snow more than hurricanes.  We clear stores out of batteries, water, generators, snacks, and of course,any hooch is availale. Once you're settled in, it's time to grill and chill as hard as you can,… Continue reading What Else Are We Gonna Do?

On The Road

Hold My Wine, Kiss My Ghost Grits

When one thinks about the south, a lot of things that pop into one's mind.  Fried chicken, biscuits, sweet tea, cicadas, Spanish moss, catfish, moonshine...I could go on for DAYS! Literally.  One big staple meal down here is of course, shrimp & grits.  It's not for everyone.  You either love grits or you haven't had… Continue reading Hold My Wine, Kiss My Ghost Grits

On The Road

Grape Stomp!

A little more than an hour southeast of Raleigh, NC, travelers will find themselves in Rose Hill, NC.  This weekend is the 42nd annual Duplin Winery Grape Stomp.  This regional favorite is sold out this year (it's popular, tickets go FAST), so put it on your radar for next year. Saturday, September 8th from 1pm… Continue reading Grape Stomp!

How To's

Enjoying the Fruits of Our Labors

It's Labor Day! A day off from work for most folks, a day off from school, but do we really know why?  Our friend Wikipedia educates us that Labor Day "honors the American labor movement and the contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity, laws, and well-being of the country. It is the… Continue reading Enjoying the Fruits of Our Labors

On The Road

Apple Festival

Over in the mountains, close to Asheville, is Hendersonville, NC.  This Labor Day weekend, the quaint town will host the 72nd annual Apple Festival. Over 4 days, visitors will enjoy 4 days of fun including one of the most best known Street Fairs in the Carolinas with freshly picked apples, arts & crafts, festival food, and… Continue reading Apple Festival

On The Road

Get Figgy With It

North Carolina is one of the greatest places to live.  You can hop in your car, point it east or west and in roughly a couple of hours find yourself at the beach or in the mountains. This weekend, point your car east.  Drive till you hit the ocean, then turn right.  Keep driving until… Continue reading Get Figgy With It


This Ain’t Your Gramma’s Chicken Biscuit

You know what you need?  You need something yummy.  Something that sticks to your belly, leaving you satisfied and full.  My Grandma used to make the best chicken biscuits.  Fluffy, buttery biscuits that melt in your mouth, salty, tender, fried chicken...Ohhhh it makes my mouth water! This one will take care of you after the… Continue reading This Ain’t Your Gramma’s Chicken Biscuit


The Spy Who Loved Me

I have a confession. Roger Moore is my Bond. He doesn't hold the swagger of Connery or the brute force of Craig, and let's just put it out there, Pierce Brosnan was born to be 007. But no, alas I saw "The Spy Who Loved Me" as my first Bond flick.  I was young, forgive… Continue reading The Spy Who Loved Me

On The Road

It’s all About Columbia

A little to the south of our beloved homebase state, is our sister state, South Carolina.  They got it goin on this weekend! It's all happenin in Columbia.  Have you embraced the craft beer craze that's swept, well, everywhere?!  Head to the Riverbanks Zoo & Garden! Sample from over 100 varieties of imported, domestic and… Continue reading It’s all About Columbia


Little Shop of Cocktails

In 1982, Alan Menken and Howard Ashman open a little shop off-Broadway... a Little Shop of Horrors! Based on a 60's black-comedy of the same name, later spawning a movie musical with a cult following. Following Seymour, a small town florist who encounters a "Mean, Green, Motha from Outer Space" the musical is filled… Continue reading Little Shop of Cocktails

On The Road

Eat a Peach!

Wrestling, Speedway Race and more!  This week, we head to Gaffney, SC.  Since 1977, at the peak of Peach season, Gaffney hosts the South Carolina Peach Festival! For a couple of weeks in July people flock to take part in the festivities. Events such as the infamous Mug Bog, Road Race, Pageant, BBQ Cook-off and Downtown events attract… Continue reading Eat a Peach!


It Was A Little More Than 20 Years Ago Today…

This day in 1978, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band made its NYC premier. No, not the album, but a movie starring Peter Frampton and the Bee Gees. Whilst generally panned by critics and Beatles alike, the movie does have somewhat of a cult following. IMDb describes it as "A small town band hits it… Continue reading It Was A Little More Than 20 Years Ago Today…


Go ahead, Drink the Live Aid

The 80's, man. Bright colors, big hair, and even bigger shoulder pads. It truly was a decade to be remembered. However, in the humble opinion of us folks at Carolina Cuisines, the true legacy of the 80's lies within  the music. Hop in your time machine and journey back 32 years to 1985.  Live Aid… Continue reading Go ahead, Drink the Live Aid

On The Road

Blackberry Festival

Beer! Recipe contest! Singer-song writer contest! Pageant! Food trucks! Live music! Where can ya find all of that??  Lenoir, NC!  Throw the kids in the ole family truckster and head out this weekend.  The festivities begin Friday at 5:00.  Watch the pageant, check out the recipe & singer/song writer contest, then top it all off… Continue reading Blackberry Festival


What a wonderful world

Born in New Orleans, mentored in Chicago, a citizen of the world.  In 1971, Louis Armstrong departed this world leaving an long, clear musical note on our hearts. In honor of ole Louis, throw on some jazz and mix up one of his favorite drink, the Southside.  We like our cocktails with a little bit… Continue reading What a wonderful world

On The Road

Goin down to Da Bayou

Time for a  shout out to a little place in Wilson NC.  We had the pleasure to end up in this establishement after a brief tour of the whirly gigs that frequent the area. Its a nice large establishment that seems to be part of the revitilization of downtown Wilson, and after eating there we… Continue reading Goin down to Da Bayou

On The Road

4th Annual Cardinal Directions Beer Festival

At the end of a long week (for some reason, this week seemed REALLY long) there's nothing better than relaxing, enjoying your friends, sharing a meal and a refreshing beer.  Add to your karma points by chucking $15.00 to do all of that while helping local farmers and provide food for families in need. Beer,… Continue reading 4th Annual Cardinal Directions Beer Festival


Pride cocktail

A wise man once said, love is love, is love, is love. We tell our kids every day, if you are not being hurt, hurting someone else, and are happy, it makes no difference who you love. Celebrate love in all it's equality tonight. The first "Pride" was a riot in Greenwich Village NYC, at… Continue reading Pride cocktail


Zucchini, it’s what’s in!

One of the many great things about Summer is the fresh veggies!  Shhhh, we won't mention this ridiculous southern heat.  One of our favorite vegetables in season now is the ZUCCHINI!  Rather than give you the same old, same old zucchini recipe (it's ok, we still love you zucchini bread) we thought we would come… Continue reading Zucchini, it’s what’s in!


Judy, Judy, Judy

♪ Go grab some booze, go on, get happy!!  We're gonna drink all our cares away! ♪ On this day in 1969, the world lost a legend.  Whether you met this lovely lady in the Wizard of Oz or Easter Parade, I'm sure she made an impression.  Her unmistakable, angelic voice set the stage for many… Continue reading Judy, Judy, Judy