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Hold My Wine, Kiss My Ghost Grits

When one thinks about the south, a lot of things that pop into one’s mind.  Fried chicken, biscuits, sweet tea, cicadas, Spanish moss, catfish, moonshine…I could go on for DAYS! Literally.  One big staple meal down here is of course, shrimp & grits.  It’s not for everyone.  You either love grits or you haven’t had them made right.

Since our beloved Carolinas are being pummeled by Hurricane Florence this weekend, we thought we would take you on a trip a bit farther south.

This weekend, head to Jekyll Island to get a swollen belly at the Shrimp & Grits Festival! This fun, family friendly festival, presented by Southern Living, combines the classic southern dish with artists market, live music, kids’ zone, food, a craft brew fest, and more.

Shrimp Grits

Don’t worry though…if you’re not Team Grits, they have lots of other food options!

You know what else is southern (although not exclusively), Booze and Boosghost partyghost party, by that I mean GHOSTS!  If a festival is not your thing, you might be exploring your gothic side, Halloween is just around the corner, we’ve got just what your little black soul needs!  Dahlonega, Georgia is home to the Dahlonega Walking Tours.  One of their featured walks is, the Grapes and Ghosts and Wine Tour!

Dahlonega Ghost & Graps

This .6 mile guided takes guests to five different locations in Dahlonega’s square where they will be able to taste wine while listening to stories about our town’s distinctive history and haunted tales from each stop.

So grab your EMF detector and head to Dahlonega to get a little boozy and maybe a bit spooky!



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