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No Power? No Problem.

It’s not over for some of us.  Winds have died down, rains, however, persist.  If you don’t have power and are hungry but can’t stomach another bag of funyuns, not to worry!  Between rain bursts, grab the hero of Southern kitchen everywhere, the cast iron skillet and fire up your grill.

cast iron pans

Whether it’s coal or propane, with a grill, you can make just about anything. But, we are going to look at the ole time crowd pleasing one skillet meal, hash.   Few eggs, bacon, potatoes, biscuits, you can feed your hungry, stinky, hurricane crowd.

Toss some sausage in the grill and render the fat out of it, add some potatoes hand full of seasonings of your choice or grab that rosemary growing over by the fencepost and toss it in.  Cook until potatoes are done, and with the back of a spoon make indentations  in the potatoes. crack some eggs in there cover the grill till the eggs set and voila,  you gonna make some people who probably haven’t slept well in a long time very, very happy.  When Floyd rolled through, we were out of power for over a week, and from coffee, to rice and beans we lived off our grill, and cast iron.  For my friends dealing with Flo, keep dry, stay safe, and remember everything can be replaced, except maybe your momma’s cast iron skillet. Non-featured-Chorizo-egg-recipe


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