Tired of them talking? Shove this in their mouths

So, it’s Thanksgiving week.  Time for family, friends, gathering around celebrating and giving thanks.  If your loved ones are staying with you, you might be a wee tired of the chatter.  If so…fix them something to quiet the storm.

Savory kolache’s may be the key to all of your sanity.  Could also be booze, but we will cover that one later.

These yummy pastry bombs can be stuffed with just about anything, got some spare turkey and cranberries laying around? Boom, Kolache!  The recipe from our friends at Garden & Gun has a filling of sausage, jalapeno, and pepper jack cheese, which you will be ready for after all them yams.

Give it a whirl.  You won’t be sorry.  Or you might be, but it won’t be because of the kolache.


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