The Spy Who Loved Me

I have a confession. Roger Moore is my Bond. He doesn’t hold the swagger of Connery or the brute force of Craig, and let’s just put it out there, Pierce Brosnan was born to be 007. But no, alas I saw “The Spy Who Loved Me” as my first Bond flick.  I was young, forgive me.  I knew that Barbara Bach was married to the weird Beatle, but she sure was pretty.  I knew that there were other Bonds, I knew that Roger Moore was a little more sassy than the other Bond I knew. However, there was gadgets aplenty. I mean look at this! 

This guy had a car that turned into a submarine! As a prepubescent boy, there was nothing greater, with the weird Beatle’s pretty lady in a bikini. Eye candy in 3, 2, 1 KAPOW!

Barbara Bach - The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

and lets throw in this little ditty.

and how could we ever forget this face only a mother could love?

Yes this movie ruined a small child that didn’t know what Bollinger champagne was or even why it’s not cool to wear super big bow ties. However, I did learn that danger can be met with a smile, and a quip properly placed can go a long way, and hair should always be perfect, no matter what.

Self-proclaimed by Bond in the novels, he cannot survive solely on Martinis alone. We decided to focus on his #2 drink: The Americano.

1.5 oz of Campari

1.5 oz sweet Vermouth

Club Soda

Orange Twist

Rocks or Highball Glass

Pour Campari and Vermouth into the glass. Finish off with a splash of club soda and garnish with orange Twist.

Sounds like a drink we can all get behind. Who’s your Bond?

Drop a line to tell me why! Till then remember nobody does it better…………


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