On The Road

Goin down to Da Bayou

Time for a  shout out to a little place in Wilson NC.  We had the pleasure to end up in this establishement after a brief tour of the whirly gigs that frequent the area. Its a nice large establishment that seems to be part of the revitilization of downtown Wilson, and after eating there we feel it’s got the chops to be a decent draw for local people looking for some good food and cold drinks.  We started off with some hushpuppies and shrimp and crab dip with pita crisps. We followed through with several entrees, from fish and chips, to fried shrimps, to one of their steamer pots. The steamer pot was loaded with crawfish, shrimp, red potatoes, corn, and some truly spicy Andoullie sausage. Everything was cooked well, and seasoned right. the steamer pot screamed for a couple of local drafts that were on tap. Full belly and a happy crew later, we went and wondered a bit more around down town.  If you happen by this little burg, take the time to see what they are trying to do, and if you happen to get hungry while your there, make sure to stop by Da Bayou, tell em CarolinaCuisines sent you, till then, As they say in the French Quarter, Laissez lesbon temps rouler!



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