You had 2 too many….. now what?

Look I’m not judging,  we all been there.  You go out with the guys and girls from accounting when Jill suddenly looks up from her appletini with those black shark eyes that lets you know Jill has left for the evening,  and growls”SHOTS!”. Next thing you know you sang the entire Billy Joel Catalog, there was almost a fist fight on the dart board, and someone was caught smoking in the bathroom.  You over did it. Big time. You need a hero. We got one for you.

The Chicken Chivito Sammich might not explain who that is on the couch, or exactly why you thought a tatto at 2 was a great idea, but it is a good way to center your universe, one bite at a time. Mounds of meats, little bit of tapenade, and those heavenly eggs will pull you out of the tailspin.

So eat one of these glorious sandwiches, have a glass of water and be prepared for what the day brings you, except for Jill, stay away from her she is clearly insane.

Happy eating!




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