We’ll Have Naan of That

Naan is a fantastic little staple in the kitchen. Bread for dinner, bang, wraps for lunch, got it. Pizza in a hurry? you betcha.  Naan, which literally translated means “bread” comes from the Middle East and Central Asia. It is soft chewy and  delicious.  We recently in our kitchen have been leaning on naan alot, and so should you. One of our faves are naan pizzas. There is something about personal pizzas made just the way you like it that brings out the kids in all of us, especially the kids among us.

Gather your brood in the kitchen, set up a toppings bar, and let them at it. It can be as simple as peperoni and cheese or you can dress it up and make it fancy.  This one is naan with tomatoes, basil and prosciutto, a winner anyway you slice it.

Enjoy A naan margherita pizza with prosciutto.  You’ll love it. We promise


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