Seafood for Breakfast? YEAH Seafood for Breakfast!

Eggs and seafood works, trust me on this. Whether its a seafood quiche, a crab cake benedict, or a simple seafood omlette, there is something inherently rich and elegant about seafood for breakfast. It wasn’t always that way though. For a long time seafood was subsistence food for the fishermen who caught it.  I have a friend from Maine who put it this way:  “The rich kids got Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches, the poor kids ate lobster.”  It was only until the 80s that the low country breakfast of shrimp and grits began to grace menus in upscale eateries.  I digress though. Seafood and eggs make for a very nice brunch,  and omlettes are easy and quick; a no-brainer in this kitchen. Try one today, and sea what you been missing

Seafood Omelet


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