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So Good, it’s Awful

Lemme tell ya about a place, a special place, with a magical slab of copper that upon is served some of the best seafood we have ever eaten. Awful Arthur’s down in Kill Devil Hills, NC is a special spot for more than just us. During peak season, people will wait for hours just to get a seat at the steam bar, and for good reason. Their food never disappoints, everything I have had there is delicous, everything. The service is that laid back casual you only get from a beachside restaurant, but the staff is still attentive and efficient in their duties. One of my personal favorites is the Oysters Arthur. They are oyster on the half shell broiled with bacon, cocktail sauce and Parmesan cheese. a dozen is just teasing me, I swear.

oysters arthur

I’ll start with that and usually just get more degenerate as the dinner rolls on. We have been know to rack up some monster tabs sitting there eating oysters, and steamed spice shrimp, crab balls (think crab cake poppers) and having local brewed beers. Oh mama, my mouth is drooling now. If your down in the Outer banks, you owe it to yourself to go and eat there, just get there early, and tell em CC sent you.

For more information click here: Awful Arthurs.


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