I am Gruit!!!

Beer…who doesn’t love a great beer?  It seems like everyone is making beer, experimenting with hops, flavors, strength, types, you name it.   One such type is Ale!

An Ale is a beer brewed using a warm fermentation method, resulting in a sweet, full-bodied and fruity taste.  In its original form, Ale was originally bittered with gruit, a mixture of herbs or spices boiled in the wort before fermentation.   Hops eventually took the place of Gruit.   But hang on!  Just like the Backstreet Boys…it’s making a comeback!

If you are into playing mad scientist here’s a recipe for a Summer Gruit courtesy of  Don’t like brewing it?  Just like drinking it?  That’s cool.  Check out the Gruit from New Belgium’s Lips of Faith Series!


Summer Gruit

Extract/steeped grain, 5 gallons, OG 1.055

Bring brewing water to 155 degrees F and steep 0.5 pounds Carapils malt for 20 minutes

Add 3 pounds wheat DME and 2 pounds light DME and to the brewing water

Bring to a boil for 20 minutes and add 1 ounce Saaz hops

Boil for 20 minutes and add 1 ounce lemon balm and add 1 ounce grated ginger

Boil for 10 minutes, stir in 1 pound light honey, 1 ounce lavender flowers and 2 ounces heather flowers

Turn off the burner and allow the botanicals to steep for 15 minutes with intermittent stirring before chilling wort

Ferment with saison (Wyeast 3711), witbier (White Labs WLP400), Belgian (White Labs WLP570) or German (Wyeast 1007) yeast

For all-grain, substitute 6 pounds Pilsner malt and 3 pounds wheat malt for the DME, and mash at 152 degrees F for one hour



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