Biscuit Egg in a Hole

Saturday breakfast is sacrosanct.  Sure people put alot of stock in Sunday brunch, we do too, but Saturday is the time to reflect on the week, think about how things are going, connect with family and friends. It is also a good time to eat something greasy and outstanding  if your Friday night went a little longer than it should have.

Either way, this right here has got what you need in spades. Don’t like Canadian bacon? Fine crisp up some good ole porkbellyor even sliced smoked turkey and gobble these things down want to go the next level? Who says you can’t put a little gravy on it either, we got a humdinger around here somewhere.

Anyways, find a new reason to rise and shine on a Saturday even if it’s almost noon with these  Biscuit eggs in a hole.





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