Save the Earth, Eat a Burger.

Earth Day today, the one time a year where you might get your neighbor to park his SUV and ride a bike for a bit. While you are out cleaning the neighborhood, or generally being good stewards of the Earth, you might get hungry. Well I got a burger for you, big BEEFY burger, full of fantastic flavor. But wait? Isn’t beef a leading contributor to greenhouse emissions? Isn’t beef and factory farming at the vanguard of the Earth’s ills? Well as Sonic has learned, you can have your beef and eat it too.  Replacing the beef in a burger by 30%  were used at scale for all 10 million burgers consumed by Americans every year, it would cut 10.5 million tons of annual CO2 emissions (roughly equivalent to taking 2 million cars off the road), save 83 billion gallons of water a year, and reduce the amount of global farmland needed by an area the size of Maryland, according to calculations from the World Resources Institute.

So, here you go, 50% beef 50% roasted mushrooms, and you will have a satisfying burger that just might help us all. Lean it up with grass-fed beef, and you have a healthful, environmentally friendly burger that is darn delicious. So good in fact your neighbor with the hummer might stay parked just a bit longer to enjoy that burger.

Give a Roasted Mushroom Burger a try.   Mother Earth might thank you.


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