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Enjoying the Fruits of Our Labors

It's Labor Day! A day off from work for most folks, a day off from school, but do we really know why?  Our friend Wikipedia educates us that Labor Day "honors the American labor movement and the contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity, laws, and well-being of the country. It is the… Continue reading Enjoying the Fruits of Our Labors

On The Road

Apple Festival

Over in the mountains, close to Asheville, is Hendersonville, NC.  This Labor Day weekend, the quaint town will host the 72nd annual Apple Festival. Over 4 days, visitors will enjoy 4 days of fun including one of the most best known Street Fairs in the Carolinas with freshly picked apples, arts & crafts, festival food, and… Continue reading Apple Festival

On The Road

Get Figgy With It

North Carolina is one of the greatest places to live.  You can hop in your car, point it east or west and in roughly a couple of hours find yourself at the beach or in the mountains. This weekend, point your car east.  Drive till you hit the ocean, then turn right.  Keep driving until… Continue reading Get Figgy With It


This Ain’t Your Gramma’s Chicken Biscuit

You know what you need?  You need something yummy.  Something that sticks to your belly, leaving you satisfied and full.  My Grandma used to make the best chicken biscuits.  Fluffy, buttery biscuits that melt in your mouth, salty, tender, fried chicken...Ohhhh it makes my mouth water! This one will take care of you after the… Continue reading This Ain’t Your Gramma’s Chicken Biscuit


The Spy Who Loved Me

I have a confession. Roger Moore is my Bond. He doesn't hold the swagger of Connery or the brute force of Craig, and let's just put it out there, Pierce Brosnan was born to be 007. But no, alas I saw "The Spy Who Loved Me" as my first Bond flick.  I was young, forgive… Continue reading The Spy Who Loved Me

On The Road

It’s all About Columbia

A little to the south of our beloved homebase state, is our sister state, South Carolina.  They got it goin on this weekend! It's all happenin in Columbia.  Have you embraced the craft beer craze that's swept, well, everywhere?!  Head to the Riverbanks Zoo & Garden! Sample from over 100 varieties of imported, domestic and… Continue reading It’s all About Columbia


Little Shop of Cocktails

In 1982, Alan Menken and Howard Ashman open a little shop off-Broadway... a Little Shop of Horrors! Based on a 60's black-comedy of the same name, later spawning a movie musical with a cult following. Following Seymour, a small town florist who encounters a "Mean, Green, Motha from Outer Space" the musical is filled… Continue reading Little Shop of Cocktails